82 mm Mortar HE Round

82mm  mortar  round  with HE projectile is  intended  for  destruction  of  stationary  unprotected targets  such  as troop concentrations, machine-gun emplacements and means of transport.  Lethality is achieved through the large number of effective fragments upon detonation. The variable propelling charge makes it possible to achieve several muzzle velocity values.


Caliber, mm 82
Weight of round, kg 3,1
Overall length, mm 320
Propelling charge Variable; Long-range 4D2
Weight of explosive, kg 0,4
Muzzle velocity, m/s – with long-range charge – 255
– with variable charge – 211
Maximum firing range, m – with long-range charge – 4250
– with variable charge – 3180
Fuze М-6