During the years DUNARIT Corp. has strengthened its positions as a modern enterprise for design, implementation, manufacture and demilitarization of aerial, artillery and engineer munitions, commercial explosive products as well as civil use products.

More than 115 yearsdevelopment and traditions

Dunarit was established in 1903 as a private factory for production of gun powder. It was nationalized in 1947 and was given the name State Factory Dunarit. In 2005 Dunarit was privatized and incorporated as private shareholding company, and has been operating as such since then.

From its foundation till nowadays Dunarit has survived various development stages. Owing to the qualified personnel having valuable experience in the defence manufacture, a variety of defence productions were developed and started during the years.  In parallel with improving on the military products the company started the development of products for civil use:  dentist laboratory equipment, railroad maintenance and repair machines, LPG motor systems, plastic parts and tooling equipment.

Today Dunarit is recognized by the international market as a company of traditions and valuable experience in the design, manufacture and trade in defence and engineering products gained and passed down from generation to the next.



Traditionally, Dunarit partakes in a number of domestic and international events, successfully presenting their products at the larges defence shows around the world.