Technological Capabilities

Dunarit is a modern company specialized in mechanical engineering and manufacture of ammunitions and various types of military products.

The advanced CAD-CAM systems and the invaluable traditions and experience in designing employed in the innovation departments by our specialists provide for rapid implementation of new products and improving and modernizing the existing technological processes.

DUNARIT has a unique facility for thermal disposal of cap primers, plain detonators, fuzes, cartridges and artillery munitions of caliber up to 30mm. Facility maximum single load capacity – 0.5 kg TNT equivalent. Disposal and demilitarization of explosive items in this facility is carried out in the safest and most reliable manner. The facility capacity is 1 500 kg ammunitions per 8-hours working shift. Currently this facility is unique for Bulgaria and South-East Europe.

Testing laboratory for analysesand quality assurance test

Dunarit Corp. has in-house laboratory for chemical, spectral, metallographic, physicochemical and mechanical analyzes and metrology.

Here we carry out receiving inspections of materials and acceptance testing of finished products.

Explosive fillingprocesses

The company has equipment for filling ammunitions – large caliber aerial ammunitions, mortar, artillery, engineer ammunitions, detonating devices and propelling charges. We have developed and implemented production processes for explosives – auger filling, pressing, casting.

Processes for production of thermobaric and smoke mixtures have been implemented.

Plastics processing

Specialized in the production of industrial items from thermoreactive and thermoplastic plastics. We offer a range of services – from design to manufacture and maintenance, press moulds and injection dies. We have capacity for complete manufacture of products- assembly of multi-component parts, installing inserts- metal inserts, sealing, affixing various identification signs, sticker, bands, manufacture of tools and equipment for assembly works. We have hydraulic press machines for processing thermoreactive plastics and automatic injection machines for pressure casting of thermoplastic plastics of up to 1500 g.


Owing to our valuable experience gained, research and implementation of best achievements in the field of equipment and technology, the company has resources and capability to produce:

  • Unlimited wide range of products, without limitation as to: elaborateness of configuration, precision and multiple equal sizes, surface roughness class, material grade, heat treatment, as well as high quality paint coating and/or other specific requirements.
  • Single products and medium size lots (of 20 000 to 50 000 units.) from non-ferrous and ferrous metals, mixed welding, forged and cast structures are possible.
  • Tooling equipment - press moulds, injection dies, stamping dies, punching dies, measuring and control devices, etc.
  • Special purpose tooling equipment.

During the recent years, more than 5 mil BGN have been invested in new generation metal working machines and CNC machines.


During the years DUNARIT Corp. has strengthened its positions as a modern enterprise for design, implementation, manufacture and demilitarization of aerial, artillery and engineer munitions, commercial explosive products as well as civil use products.