OFAB 500 M-62 PF High-Explosive Pre-Fragmented Bomb

OFAB 500 M-62 PF it is effective against light armored vehicles, industrial sites and railways, and field facilities  for storage of fuels and lubricants The design  of  this  aircraft  bomb  provides  for  better  fragments distribution in the fragments  flight  area  and  high  density  of  the  fragmentation  within the lethal  range.

The suspension system of this bomb allows suspension in two points (distance between lugs – 250mm and 14″), using appropriate fuze type.


Caliber, kg 500
Length without fuze, mm 2416
Bomb diameter, mm ø400
Stabilizer fin span, mm 511
Characteristic time, s 20,38/12 and 20,44/22
Weight of explosive, kg 118
Weight of bomb without fuze, kg 520
Fuze AVU-ETM or Proximity fuze