RGO - 78 Defensive Hand Grenade

Hand — delivered to the target at the expense of soldier throwing hand.
Anti-personnel – designed to defeat enemy manpower.
Shrapnel — damage is done primarily using spherical fragments of the casing of the grenade.
Defensive is the radius of the splash damage than the average throw grenades with the help of muscle power of the fighter, hence the need to throw grenades from cover to avoid the shrapnel of their own grenades.
Remote-action — grenade blast occurs some time after the throw (a 3.2 – 4.2 seconds).


Blast radius, m 20
Safety radius, m 54
Tested height of drop safety (with fuze), m 3
Temperature limits, °С -20°…+50°
Weight of grenade, kg 0,435
Overall length, mm 95
Diameter, mm Ø62
Weight of explosive, kg 0,080
Ball diameter, mm Ø4
Fuze DVM