RGD - 5 Offensive Hand Grenade

The grenade is intended for destruction of enemy personnel explosive activity explosive and shrapnel. Purpose grenade reaches through the throw arm. Remote action-means that the grenade will explode after a certain time (3.2—4.2 seconds) after it is released spherical preformed fragments, regardless of other conditions. Offensive type — means that the grenade fragments have small weight and fly at a distance smaller than the possible throw range.
The Grenades are used to produce casualties by high-velocity projection of fragments.


Blast radius, m 5
Safety radius, m 25
Tested height of drop safety (with fuze), m 3
Temperature limits, °С -20°…+50°
Weight of grenade, kg 0,420
Overall length, mm 95
Diameter, mm Ø62
Weight of explosive, kg 0,080
Ball diameter, mm Ø1,7
Fuze DVM