OFAB 250-270 PF High-Explosive Pre-Fragmented Bomb

250-270 PF High explosive Pre-fragmented bomb is intended for destruction of military field facilities and base stations, destruction of personnel in open terrain as well as in light armoured vehicles and trucks on the march or during attack within the main concentration perimeter The bomb design provides for better fragments distribution in the fragments flight area and high fragmentation zone density within the lethal range, as compared to general-purpose ammunitions. The bomb can be carried on aircrafts with one-point suspension bomb rack or on 14” NATO standard suspension systems, using appropriate fuze type.


Caliber, kg 250
Length without fuze, mm 1446
Bomb diameter, mm ø325
Stabilizer fin span, mm 410
Characteristic time, s 20,92/12
Weight of explosive, kg 62
Weight of bomb without fuze, kg 268