Waterproof Detonating Cord

Detonating cord DSH-V is designed for detonation transmission, initiation of blasting charges or for use as an independent explosive in surface or underground drilling in dry or wet places, where no risk of explosion from ignition of gas vapor or volatile liquids exists. It maintains detonating capacity at temperature range from – 35°C to 55°C, including underwater, for a period of 24 hours. DSH-V ensures safe, reliable, failure free, and high fragmentation of the blasted medium.


Configurations DSH-V10, DSH-V12, DSH-V15, DSH-V24, DSH-V40, DSH-V80, DSH-V100
Velocity of detonation, m/s up to 6 500
Operating temperature, °C -35°C to +55°C
Tensile strength, kg Not less than 50