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  • Dunarit Corp is a manufacturer of aviation, artillery and engineer ammunitions as well as civil use products antihail rockets and industrial explosives.

    Industrial Explosives


    Waterproof detonating cord. It is used to transmit and initiate detonation in multiple explosive charges placed in open terrain or underground sites that do no present any hazard related to gas and dust. Several configurations are available according to the explosive weight in grams per linear meter: 5g/m, 10g/m, 12 g/m, 15 g/m, 24 g/m and 40 g/m.


    Pressed high explosive pellets: pressed TNT, hexogen, tetryl, PETN and other high explosives. These high explosive pressings are used for booster charges in explosive dispersion systems and are also used as individual charges. The paraffin layer ensures moisture and water resistance of the pressings. Pressing dimensions and geometry are to clients requirements.


    The antihail rocket is intended to fight hail-producing clouds by cloud seeding with ice nuclei agent